6′-10′ Adjustable Crossbars

2 pc. Adjustable Crossbar (Drape Support) Adding adjustable crossbars is an economical way to get more versatility from your current inventory without having to purchase longer or multiple lengths of pipe. We currently offer them in 3-5 ft, 6-10 ft and 7-12 ft, and 8-14 ft configurations.

  • 2 Pc. telescoping drape support (crossbar) adjusts in width between 3′ and 5′ wide.
  • Button stop locks the width at 4′ and 5′ for quick measuring of most commonly used widths.
  • Heavy Duty 1.5″ aluminum pipe features cast aluminum hooks for maximum durability
  • End hooks easily slip into one of the 4 slots in uprights.
  • Improved design prevents frustrating hook misalignment.


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