8′-14′ Adjustable Upright

            • Elevate Your Décor with CEW’s Quality Pipe and Drape System

              When it comes to event décor, quality hardware is an absolute essential. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, having a reliable pipe and drape solution is crucial to your success.  Our strong, sturdy uprights are furbished with a premium steel top connection that, unlike standard uprights, won’t bend, burr or tear; causing damage to your hands and valuable drapes. Made from high-tensile anodized aluminum, our uprights have all the strength and are lighter than our competitors, something you will immediately appreciate when transporting and setting up your events.

              Remember,  having reliable pipe and drape solutions not only enhances the visual appeal of your event but also provides practical benefits such as room division, wall covering, and creating stunning focal points. So go ahead and transform any space with confidence using our high-quality pipe and drape products from Calgary Event Wholesale.

                  • CEW standard steel tops prevent, crushing, burring and tearing of crossbar connection points protecting your investment
                  • Reinforced collar eliminates the possibility of crushing at base connection point
                  • Easy carbon polymer slip lock collar adjustment. (Less binding then competitors steel)
                  • No extra tools required
                  • For Use with CEW standard pins.


            • Pin and base plates sold separately

              Recommended Base Plate


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